Lake Union Sea Ray won “Best Boat Dealership” in Evening’s 2017 Best Northwest Escapes viewers poll.

Team Evening hosted the first revealing of the anticipated Best Northwest Escapes on board the Sea Ray L590 Monday, May 8th, the first of five episodes that airs M-F at 7:30pm.

Evening prepared the ballot that included a vast number of Northwest categories and businesses such as Boat Dealer, Food Finds, Brewery, Road Trip, Outdoor Adventures, Diner, etc. Starting March 31, 2017 viewers were encouraged to vote for their favorites in each category. The results were tallied and the first to be announced was Lake Union Sea Ray as Best Boat Dealer!

Not only was Lake Union Sea Ray announced as the Best Boat Dealership, the 30 minute show featured Chris Pratt’s favorite Northwest escapes, fine dining in Leavenworth, the Sleeping Lady’s connection on King5, the weirdest place name in Washington, the Smithsonian Portrait exhibit and more!