Striper New Boat Models

Striper boats are known for their ability to withstand all the rigors of big-water fishing, as well as their comfortable, versatile designs that add even more excitement to the fishing experience. Select Striper models are built with VEC® Technology that reduces styrene emissions by up to 90 percent, which makes production safer for workers and significantly reduces the boats’ impact on the environment.

We know that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy your investment in a Striper fishing boat. If you have any particular questions or would simply prefer to speak with a sales representative over the phone, give us a call at (877) 732-7296.

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LENGTH (ft):
Center Consoles

2017 Striper 270 Center Console

2017 Striper 2605 Center Console

2017 Striper 220 Center Console

2017 Striper 200 Center Console

2017 Striper 200 CC-S

Dual Console

2017 Striper 230 Dual Console

2017 Striper 200 Dual Console


2016 Striper 200 Walkaround

2016 Striper 200 Walkaround

2017 Striper 290 Walkaround

2017 Striper 270 Walkaround

2017 Striper 2601 Walkaround

2017 Striper 230 Walkaround

2017 Striper 200 Walkaround