Delivery Captain

Lake Union Sea Ray Delivery Captain, New & Used Boats, Yachts for Sale
Certified Delivery Captain Service

At Lake Union Sea Ray, boater education is one of our top priorities. One of the most important ways in which we educate boaters is through our certified boat delivery service (AKA “Delivery Captain”). When you receive a boat from us, we walk you through the basic operation of the boat based on your level of experience. From there, we introduce you to our service team who will help you understand what’s involved in owning a boat.


Owning a boat should always be fun and should never feel like a chore. When you’re with Lake Union Sea Ray, we work to ensure you are on the water and enjoying your boat all season long.

As part of our certified delivery process, we work with you to figure out what kind of maintenance your boat may need. For example, if you’re mooring your boat or using it a lot in saltwater, you may need more regular cleaning/maintenance than if it’s only used in freshwater.

When you’re accepting delivery of a boat here’s what you should come prepared with:

  • Trailer ball size
  • Vehicle wiring specs
  • Our Delivery Captain will cover anything else specific to the delivery