Why do you need a trailer for your boat? Unless you are a superhero with magnificent strength, you are going to need something to get your boat from here to there and into the water. There are two main types of trailers I will be talking about today: painted and galvanized. Which one is better? I don’t know yet. Let’s go on an educational journey together.

According to Merriam-Webster (yes, I’m going old school fifth-grade-research-essay by quoting the dictionary), to galvanize is to excite in a manner that gets someone to act on something. So, I am going to galvanize you about trailers! Secondly, to galvanize something is to coat it in zinc to keep it healthy (don’t do it to loved ones, though. I don’t think they would react the same way as a steel trailer). I would bet that’s the definition we are more interested in right now.

A painted trailer is just that—painted. Easy enough, right? They are generally coated with a primer and a polyurethane paint, which is abrasion resistant and helps protect the metal.
Now, what is the difference between the two in terms of boating and water and price and everything else? Well, let me tell you…

Painted trailers are generally better launched in freshwater. Salt water tends to cause rust more quickly, and painted trailers don’t hold up to rust as well. You can, of course, dip a painted trailer in salt water. If you clean it well afterwards, rust is less likely to happen quickly. But, it will still rust in places you can’t clean.

Painted trailers are usually less expensive than galvanized trailers, but they also may not last quite as long. And, as much as people try to tell you to live in the present, looking into the future in this case might be a good option. But it’s still completely up to you.

Galvanized trailers are covered in zinc, which protects the metal and keeps it from scratching and rusting. They can be used in any type of water with little to no damage caused. It is still a good idea to wash and clean a galvanized trailer after you dip it, though. Doing so will just keep it looking good and functioning properly for a long time.

Yes, galvanized trailers tend to be a bit more expensive than painted, but they also last longer with fewer repairs needed, so does the higher initial cost really matter? I recommend doing some research and figuring out what exactly your needs are so you can get the best trailer for you!

I’ve read that one major issue people have with galvanized trailers is that they don’t look as pretty as painted trailers. You can customize a painted trailer and make it match your boat. How cool is that? But you can’t really do that with a galvanized trailer. They pretty much all look the same. I bet the first ever galvanized trailer feels really good about itself because, as we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Whatever kind of trailer you decide on, just know that we support you and will help you if you need anything. Call one of our sales people today and check out the great trailers we have for sale!

Happy launching!