I know your beloved Seahawks didn’t make it this time around, but don’t fret! You can still have a great time watching the game.

The game may be in February, and it may be pretty chilly outside, but it is still the perfect time to fire up your boat and throw a Super Bowl party that your guests will never forget.

Just in case you haven’t read all of our previous blog posts—we know you’re busy—I am going to give you a few ideas to help make your Super Bowl boat party a huge success.
First, and most important: The Drinks. Even though the Hawks are out, you’re still a 12th man, right? So why not pay homage to your team while you watch. Make this delicious and beautiful blue cocktail called The 12th Man Margarita.
Mix it up, shake it up, blend it with some ice, or do whatever you do to make a marg. It’s okay to keep celebrating the Seahawks. Never stop celebrating your team!
The next part of throwing a successful party is the food.
After scouring Google and Pinterest, I found some great recipes that would hold up well without needing to be cooked or even heated up. Impress your guests with these easy individual 7-Layer Bean Dip Cups.
Pair this recipe with your other favorite appetizers, and you’re guests will surely thank you!

Lastly, we need to get your TV up and running. We know it’s difficult to get your favorite local channels on your boat—even with the fanciest of flat screens! But the Service Experts at Lake Union Sea Ray have you covered. Make your party a winner whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or the puppy bowl or just catch the commercials. Either way, you’ll be keeping your guests entertained in the loveliest of environments.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Your boat is beautiful and clean and perfect and you don’t want to add an antenna that sticks out and ruins the aesthetic you worked hard to perfect. The Mohu Leaf 50amp TV antenna that we sell (or can order) at Lake Union Sea Ray is sleek and paper thin and can be plugged right into the back of your HD TV set. For only $109 you can have endless viewing parties on board.
Now that you are all ready to throw a big football bash, don’t forget to invite your favorite Lake Union Sea Ray blogger! Go Hawks!