Why not try Tuna fishing?
According to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Albacore tuna can be caught off the Washington coast in summer and early fall. Even though albacore can be caught all summer, August and September tend to be the most popular months for anglers. Albacore are usually more abundant during August and September and the weather is normally little calmer during this time too.
Recreational anglers typically fish for albacore 50 to 100 miles off the Washington coast. Occasionally the albacore will come in as close as 35 miles and, on rare occasions, they have been known to come in as close as 15 miles. Recreational albacore trips can last one to three days depending on the distance traveled to the tuna grounds.
Albacore are caught on jigs and live bait. Jigs are trolled behind the vessel until a “hook up.” Then the vessel drifts while the jig caught tuna are played by the fishermen. While the jig caught tuna are being played, fishermen who are not playing a jig caught tuna will fish for tuna using a live anchovy and light weight gear. The anchovy is carefully placed on a single hook with little or no weight then it is free-spooled out into the water until a tuna strikes. Tuna caught on live bait are extremely fun to catch because they have a lot of fight in them and the battle can last for a long time.
Beginning in 2006, a recreational fishing license is required to fish for albacore. Anglers can purchase either a saltwater angling license, or combo license, or a multi-day stamp.
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