The Sea Ray 350 SLX redefines “day boat” to mean all day and then some. This is the perfect boat for cruising the shores of Lake Washington. Entertaining, water sports, cruising, whatever your desire, you will surely turn heads in this very large Sea Ray sport boat. At 35 feet, there is comfortable seating for 18 passengers underway. Let me say that again. There is comfortable seating for 18 passengers. This deluxe sport boat is truly outstanding. I experienced this vessel for the first time at our Seattle Boat Show display. We were all anxiously awaiting her arrival. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this 35 foot beauty. A sport boat loaded with the noise-quashing powers of Quiet Ride, the precision and stability of Dynamic Running Surface, and the agility of Axius joystick control. Sea Ray really out did itself with the 350 SLX. Come see for yourself and experience this truly incredible sport boat. The Sea Ray 350 SLX displays proudly in our Seattle showroom. (see photos and video link)

Key Terms Defined:

Quiet Ride– A system of technological advances exclusively available on Sea Ray boats. It reduces Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) by up to 50%, so conversations are easier, fatigue is reduced, concentration is enhanced. (see photo and video link)

Dynamic Running Surface– Dynamic Running Surface™ automatically optimizes running attitude and trim, delivering incredible stability and performance no matter load or sea conditions. With the push of a button, skiers and wakeboarders can define presets to shape the perfect wake height. Large, triangular planes create an articulated running surface that improves acceleration, reduces bow rise and keeps the boat at optimal trim. (see photo and video link)

Axius joystick control– The Axius® joystick propulsion system puts control of the 350 SLX in the palm of your hand. Tight fairways and docks are a breeze, with easy movement in any direction, spinning in place, and Skyhook for effortless station-keeping. (see photo and video link)