With our Women in Boating class coming up, I thought I would write a blog post geared toward the female boat lovers out there! Men, you may keep reading, of course. I promise not to make you uncomfortable.

For most of my life, I’ve had a deep love for doing my nails. Every time a friend would ask me to get my nails done with her, I’d hesitate because, if I got my nails done professionally, that would mean I wouldn’t be able to do them myself. That’s why I’d usually decline the invite. Now that I work in the boating industry, I’ve found a whole new genre of colors and designs for my nails that make me even more hesitant to get them done professionally. I will share this new-found knowledge with you!

If you have ever done your nails (or gotten them done by someone else), you probably know that nail polish names are notoriously ridiculous. A few of my favorites all come from the brand Opi: Don’t Pretzel my Buttons (a nice neutral shade of light pink/nude), I Have a Herring Problem (a lovely blue/gray color), and I Eat Mainly Lobster (a, you guessed it, bright red). Even if you aren’t into painting your nails, you can still get a kick out of the names of the colors!

After doing some fun research, I discovered a treasure trove of nail polishes with sea- and water- (and even boat!) related names! Believe it or not, many of them are blue. Let’s dive into these names for a good laugh (and now we all have a reason to go buy some new nail polish colors…“my favorite blog listed a bunch of boating-related nail polish colors, so I have to go buy them to be ready for boating season!”)

  • Butter London’s Scallywag is a sparkly royal blue that will have you ready to cruise the open waters and then indulge in a fancy dinner
  • Sea Lore’s Spring Seas collection includes five polishes: Leaping Lyretail, Jumping Jellyfish, Dancing Discus, Springing Seahorse, and Popping Parrotfish. They are a variety of colorful polishes with pops of sparkle throughout
  • Elevation Polish’s Sea of Crete and Bohia Sea are probably my favorite polish colors I’ve found. They are very similar medium blues full of iridescent sparkle that will have everyone in awe of your nails
  • Couture Gel’s Share My Yacht? is a beautiful light blue/lilac sparkle that will have everyone wanting to be on your yacht
  • There is also Pretty and Polished’s Party on my Yacht, which is a white base full of colorful hex glitter that is truly a party on your nails
  • Opi’s Do you Sea What I Sea is a shimmery blue that will have people “seaing” you for sure
  • Wet n Wild’s Are Mermaids Real? shimmery purple polish will have people thinking you are a mermaid…or at least that your nails were done by a mermaidI could go on and on about sea-related nail polish names and colors, but I have to stop somewhere. These polishes can be found online and, some of them, in stores.

    If you are in the mood to try some nautical designs on your nails, some of the most popular/best designs are horizontal stripes (white and navy blue seem to be the most popular for nautical-themed nails), anchors, and polka dots. For more ideas, check out Pinterest boards for Nautical Nails or ask your favorite manicurist.

    Happy polishing and happy boating!