The City of Kirkland is a bustling little area on the Eastern shores of Lake Washington. Kirkland was named after Peter Kirk, a British-born steel magnate who came to the Pacific Northwest to create a “Pittsburgh of the West.” He hoped to make Kirkland a popular area where the main industry would be steel production.

While the steel production dream was ultimately unsuccessful, Kirkland was officially incorporated in 1905 with a population of 400. Moving away from steel allowed Kirkland to become successful in wool milling and ship building. The first wool mill in the State of Washington was established in Kirkland in 1892. It produced wool products for Alaska Gold Rush prospectors and for the U.S. military during World War I.

The Lake Washington waterfront in Kirkland was where the ship-building industry really began with the construction of ferries. Most of the boats on Lake Washington were built and/or repaired in Kirkland for 20 years. When the ship canal was built in 1917, it opened up Lake Washington to larger vessels, and, by 1940, Kirkland’s Shipyard was building ships for the US Navy. During World War II, more than 25 warships were built on what is now Carillon Point.

Today, Kirkland is a beautiful city full of life. With almost 90,000 residents, it’s a popular place to live and work. Full of gorgeous waterfront parks and top-of-the-line restaurants, you won’t be lacking entertainment in Kirkland.

Anthony’s Homeport on Lake Street South in Kirkland was the first Anthony’s Homeport to open—it was established in 1976. The Homeport’s reputation for having a wonderfully relaxed dinner house atmosphere as well as the freshest local seafood has made them one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. They have become so successful that additional waterfront restaurants have been opened as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Oregon.

Please join us at the original Anthony’s HomePort in Kirkland for our Sea Ray Open Water Tour and Cocktails on Saturday, March 17th. Come by boat, car, or bicycle! We don’t care which. We just want to see you!