One of the most important parts of owning a boat is learning how to safely transport and launch that boat. It takes some learning and some practice, but we are here to help you along the way!

When deciding on how to transport your boat, it is vital to get the right size trailer. The width and length need to fit the boat and you need to make sure the trailer has a weight capacity that is compatible with your boat. It’s also necessary to have the right type of vehicle to tow the boat with. I could never tow a boat with my Nissan hatchback, but you probably could with your Ford truck! Knowing is half the battle. You also want to make sure all of the lights on the trailer are working properly before heading out on the road.

Driving with a trailer and boat takes some time and patience. You’ll want to practice somewhere remote before joining all the other cars on the freeway. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when driving a trailer and boat:

  • Accelerate slowly
  • Turn using a wider radius to allow for the trailer
  • Drive slower than normal
  • Don’t ride anyone’s tail—give yourself plenty of room to brake!
  • High wind, heavy rain, fog, and ice can really mess up your driving normally, so take extra caution in these conditions

Launching your boat is a delicate task that will take practice. It’s easier to do with a friend, but it’s definitely possible to do on your own. Go ahead and practice at your local boat launch, but be sure to do so during the off-season or outside of peak times. Etiquette says you want to be as quick as you can as to not hold up any of your fellow boaters. Practice is important–you can get this down to a science where it becomes second nature.

I could detail each step of the trailering and launching process here, but that’s no fun for either of us! However, we’d be happy to detail each step of the process in person! It really is important that you learn and practice the art of launching your boat, so please join us on April 14 at 10am for the Trailering for Couples class. Bring your significant other, your friend, your mom, or just yourself. We will provide the vehicles, trailers, boats, and instruction.

This class will be held at Gene Coulon Park Boat Launch in Renton. It is free for everyone! The class includes helpful tips and tricks, launching and retrieving techniques, and overall etiquette. As a boater, it is your responsibility to get your boat in the water as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is our responsibility to ensure that you enjoy the boating lifestyle by making a stressful situation easy and worry-free.

You’ll be a novice no more! Lake Union Sea Ray’s Trailering for Couples class will help you get on the water safely, improve communication with your partner, work as a team, and keep the blood pressure low!

RSVP now so you don’t miss out on this great learning opportunity!